Assist your employees and reduce churn rate

Traditional call-centers face many issues like high training costs and personnel turnover. Our AI can help by taking over the most repetitive tasks, allowing the human agents to specialize in specific areas, further increasing efficiency and customer experience.

  • AI as a personal assistant for employees.
  • Transform human agents into specialists.
  • Keep staff turnover low.
AI Assists

AI as a personal assistant for employees

Our AI will be a valuable addition to your team, allowing your employees to focus on the real issues without getting bogged down by mundane workloads.

How our Call Center AI can support your employees:

Our AI can directly assist your employees and also act as a “personal assistant”.

Basic issues can be solved directly and autonomously by our AI Agents.

The AI can assist the human agents on the most difficult calls.

Providing employees turn-by-turn guidance in real-time.

Upskilling employees

Transform human agents into specialists

The inclusion of our AI in your call center will improve your employee’s work experience. By allowing them to specialize in various areas.

How our Call Center AI will transform your human agents into experts:

  • Our AI facilitates the training of new employees, reducing both cost and time.
  • Your employees will be able to concentrate on the more important issues and do what humans do best: emotions, empathy, and complex problem-solving.
  • Interacting and working with the AI will enhance your employee’s overall working experience, by adding technical elements in an otherwise human-focused workplace.
Reduce churn rate

Keep staff turnover low

Personnel turnover is a real challenge for every call center. Our AI reduces this effect by taking the pressure from employees and facilitates their training.

How our Call Center AI can help reducing churn rates:

Implementing our AI significantly reduces your employee’s stress and creates a positive work environment.

The assistance of our AI Agent reduces the workload of your employees.

Repetitive tasks are a thing of the past: now your employees are empowered for more knowledge-intensive and fulfilling tasks.

By upgrading your employee’s job profile with a more technical focus, you gain their loyalty.

Your Gain

Discover the potential of AI for your business

Among the many benefits of AI is its ability to significantly improve the workplace for your employees. ONDEWO AI supports them in difficult situations by real-time guidance by delivering information or surface useful and relevant documents quickly. Our AI Agents can also suggest suitable responses during calls and remove repetitive tasks from your human agent’s workload, and even help to train newcomers.

ONDEWO Call Center AI is capable of these things because it listens in on the calls, understands the customer’s inquiry, and uses the conversational context to effectively support the human agent. This leads to higher employee satisfaction and a reduced churn rate.


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