ONDEWO for Telecommunications

To stay in touch with the customers is one of the most crucial elements of a telecommunication company. Our ONDEWO AI Agent helps in reaching this goal. It can completely handle calls on its own.

  • Self-service phone plans
  • Contact during downtime
  • Early warning

What we offer the telecommunication industry

Customers get enabled to experience customer service around the clock that fulfils there needs while the employee gets supported by the AI Agent.

Optimize internet and phone plans

The customer can call the company, and the ONDEWO AI Agent picks up the call. At first, it asks for identifying information to optimize the customer experience. Based on the knowledge, the AI enables the customer to change their phone plan when they, for example, go abroad and need more data. They also can transfer to a new plan if they need to, without being restricted to the opening hours.

The customer can do self-service at any given time, and the employees get relieved from these easy and monotonous tasks.

Answers all the questions during downtime

During the downtime of the internet, many people call to report it and to get information on the situation. These calls will get handled by the AI that answers all your customer questions calmly.

It will listen to the complaints of the customers and provide the requested information. If possible, the AI will give an estimate when the problem gets resolved. The ONDEWO AI Agent provides a calm and understanding demeanor during a time where most of the callers are irritated, presenting the perfect conversational partner to defuse the situation.

Reporting problems early

If the AI receives signals that problems are arising in the system, it responds to that right away by sending out a warning. It does so in the form of text or a phone call. It contacts the person best fit to solve the issue through these channels and stays in contact with them, advising them on the next best steps whenever necessary.

The AI provides the best help it can to reduce downtime and improve the work of the employees by alarming to arising problems.

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