Our Team

 We are a dynamic, multinational team of intelligent people who love to learn from and with each other.

Everyone on the team is willing to share their skills and knowledge, ranging from deep technology experience in deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, mathematics, and software development to business expertise in change management, business development, and digitization.

We like to build solutions for the most challenging problems. At the same time, we have lots of fun in the office, and we are happy to have our monthly team event together. To give you an insight into our high-performing team, we would like to introduce some of our employees from all our departments.

Our values

What we value at ONDEWO

At ONDEWO, we love what we do. We push technology passionately further to get ahead in our mission. We aim to learn and grow together professionally and personally. Each day we are getting a tiny step closer to a future where humans and machines interact naturally.


  • See beyond and think big
  • Invent and improve
  • Be bold


  • Improve our world through AI
  • Push technology forward
  • Motivate and have fun

Impact Driven

  •  Build working solutions
  • Deliver results in time & budget
  • Solve clients challenges

Learn & Grow

  • Strive for excellence
  • Be open, honest & respectful
  • Hire and develop the best

Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Andreas S. Rath

CEO & Co-Founder


Senior Project Manager at Digital McKinsey (5,5y.)
Senior Software Developer and Researcher in Artificial Intelligence at Know-Center GmbH (4y.)


Doctorate in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)
Diploma in Technical Mathematics (Algorithm Design and Semantic Web)
Diploma Software Development and Economics (Software Engineering)
All degrees from Graz University of Technology, Austria


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Dipl. Wi.-Ing. Dr. Alexander Schult

Strategy, Funding & Co-Founder


Project Manager at Digital McKinsey (8y.)
Lecturer on Digital Transformations at the University of Göttingen and the University of Groningen (3y.)


Doctorate in Business Administration
Diploma in Industrial Engineering at the University of Göttingen and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


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Florian Silberbauer

Sales Executive


Sales in the software industry (7y)
Train employee in new software applications (5y)
Project Management (4y)


Master’s degree in Taxes and Strategic Management (University of Vienna)
Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and Supply Chain Management (University of Vienna)

Lukas Theo Beck

Partner Manager


More than 15 years of experience in,
Customer Relationship & Experience Management
Sales & Marketing
Business Development
Business & IT Consulting
Project Management, IT-Solution Architect & Requirement Engineering
Product Management & Digital Designer


Diploma in Business Informatics (University of Cooperative Education – Akademie der Saarwirtschaft, Germany)
Industrial clerk (Chamber of Industry & Commerce Saarland, Germany)


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Information Technology

Dr. Andrey Ryskin

Data Scientist


Researcher in mathematical Biology at Bonn University (3y)
Researcher Computational Physics of Fluids at Max-Planck-Institute (5y)


Doctorate in theoretical Physics (Saarland University)
Master’s degree in Physics (Novosibirsk State Technical University in Russia)


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Dr. Jakob Steinbauer, MSc ETH

Data Scientist


Research in computational condensed-matter physics at École Polytechnique, Paris (4y)


Doctorate in physics (École Polytechnique, Paris)

Filip Povolny, MSc

Senior Data Scientist


Researcher & Developer in speech processing (3y)
Machine learning in speech and text-domain.


Master’s degree in Computer Science (Brno University of Technology)

Gabriel Amarista

Senior Data Scientist & Tech Lead of the NLU team


NLP Research and Development (1y)


Master’s degree in Intelligent Systems
Bachelor’s degree in Informatics Engineering

Fergus Fettes

Python Developer


Biochemical Researcher (1y)
Hardware and Software Engineering for Biophysics Lab (2y)
Python Development (3y)
DevOps Engineering (1y)


Master’s degree in Physics (University Leipzig)


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Attila Kantor

Junior Data Scientist


Research on language models and NLP algorithms (2y)
Software development (2.5y)


Master’s degree in Computer Science Information Systems (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary)

Markus Peitl, BSc.

FullStack Developer


Web Development (3y) (NodeJS, Angular, JS)
Python Development (1.5y) (Numpy, TF, OpenCV)
C# .Net Development (3y) (WPF, UWP, Android Development Xamarin)
Project Management, Business Development (2y)
C++, Computer Vision (1.5y)
FullStack Software Engineer (3y)
Application Software Development (6y)


Bachelor’s Degree in Media Informatics and Visual Computing (Technical University of Vienna)


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Dr. Andreas S. Rath

Exploiting the user interaction context for automatic task detection (2012)

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Automatic detection of accommodation steps as an indicator of knowledge maturing (2011)

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Studying the Factors Influencing Automatic User Task Detection on the Computer Desktop (2010)

Authors: Didier Devaurs, Andreas S. Rath and Stefanie Lindstaedt
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Contextualized knowledge services for personalized learner support (2009)

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Conference Paper (PDF) Full-text Available from Didier Devaurs

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Authors: Andreas S. Rath, Didier Devaurs and Stefanie Lindstaedt
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Automating Knowledge Transfer and Creation in Knowledge-Intensive Business Processes (2008)

Authors: Michael Granitzer, Gisela Granitzer, Klaus Tochtermann, Stefanie Lindstaedt, Andreas Rath and Wolfgang Groiß
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A low-level based task and process support approach for knowledge-intensive business environments – Discovering and supporting knowledge-intensive task and process executions based on user interaction observations, system events, and application usage data (2007). 

Low-level event relationship discovery for knowledge work support (2007)

Authors: Andreas S. Rath, Mark Kröll, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt, Michael Granitzer
Know-Center Graz, Inffeldgasse 21a/II, 8010 Graz, Austria
Full-text (PDF) Available from Mark Kröll

Task Instance Classification via Graph Kernels (2007)

Authors: Mark Kröll, Andreas S. Rath, Nicolas Weber, Lindstaedt and Michael Granitzer
Know-Center GmbH, Inffeldgasse 21a/II, A-8010 Graz, Austria,
Full-text (PDF) Available from Mark Kröll

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Enhancing Wrapper Usability through Ontology Sharing and Large Scale Cooperation (2002)

Authors: Christian Schindler, Pranjal Arya, Andreas Rath, and Wolfgang Slany
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Context-aware knowledge services

Authors: Andreas S. Rath, Nicolas Weber, Mark Kröll, Michael Granitzer, Olivia Dietzel, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt
Full-text (PDF) Available from Mark Kröll

Dr. Alexander Schult

Keeping Their Cards Close to Their Chests: How Non‐Delegating CEOs Avoid Forced Career Ends

Authors: Jana Oehmichen, Alexander Schult, Michael Wolff
Human Resource Management, 2015.

Former Executives Serving as Non-Executive Directors: Resource Channels or Ineffective Monitors (2014)

Schmalenbach Business Review

Strategic Alignment of IT and Functional Responsibilities in Top Management Teams: An Empirical Performance Study (2012)

Authors: Alexander Schult, Michael Wolff
Research Paper. Thirty Third International Conference on Information Systems, Orlando 2012.

Dr. Andrey Ryskin

Modeling and Simulation of Lipid Monolayers as Surfactant in Lung Alveoli (2013)

Authors: Annelene Wittenfeld, Andrey Ryskin, Wolfgang Alt.
Singular Phenomena and Scaling in Mathematical Models pp 171-189

Influence of Sedimentation on Convective Instabilities in Colloidal Suspensions (2010)

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Magnetic-field-driven instability in stratified ferrofluids (2007)

Authors: Andrey Ryskin and Harald Pleiner
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Fergus Fettes

Cooperation of DNA Helicases during dsDNA End Resection (2018)

Authors: Kristina Kasaciunaite, Fergus Fettes, Maryna Levikova, Petr Cejka, and Ralf Seidel
Biophysical Journal 114.3 (2018): 442a.

Competing interaction partners modulate the activity of Sgs1 helicase during DNA end resection (2019)

Authors: Kristina Kasaciunaite, Fergus Fettes, Maryna Levikova, Peter Daldrop, Roopesh Anand, Petr Cejka, and Ralf Seidel
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