All our products are based on a best-practice microservices architecture and are deployable on on-premise and any cloud IT Infrastructure with all available AI capabilities and features. The on-premise option easily installs on all operating systems with standard Docker deployment environment allowing for a higher degree of data protection and control. With the cloud option, there is no maintenance needed as it gets provided by ONDEWO. 

All our products and services are highly customizable to fit your specific use case to achieve an amazing customer experience with high efficiency and flexible scalability. 

ONDEWO Call Center AI

The all-in-one solution for automating and assisting inbound and outbound calls.

ONDEWO Speech-to-Text

Perfect transcription of your conversations.

ONDEWO Natural Language Understanding

A platform that allows you to automate human conversations.

ONDEWO Text-to-Speech

Get a unique voice for your telephone system.

ONDEWO VOIP Telephone System Integration

Integrate automated telephone calls in your VOIP telephone system.

ONDEWO AI Management

Create, analyze, manage and optimize “Conversational AI” projects on your own.

Technologies we are working with

We can provide our solutions to you with the technology that you are currently using, as our AI experts can work with many different technologies and cloud-platforms. With our knowledge, your system gets improved without any effort from your side.