ONDEWO for Healthcare

Our ONDEWO AI Agent helps your healthcare company provide the care for your customer around the clock that they need and deserve. It offers advice, information, and a helping hand to your patients for every request they might have.

  • Schedule appointments
  • Contact for COVID-19 questions
  • Up to date patient information

What we offer the healthcare industry

Our AI supports patients and employees. It provides help to the calling patients and assists employees with their work, giving advice or by transcribing the information and updating it.

Doctor appointments 24/7

Whenever the patient wants to make an appointment for an issue they have, the ONDEWO AI Agent will be there for them to arrange one. It picks up the inbound call greeting the patient and offering its help. The AI Agent asks for their name, their security number, and what appointment they want. After just a few short questions, the AI offers the next available time slot.

Through the same method, the patients get enabled to change the appointment or cancel it if necessary without being bound to the opening hours.

Reliable contact during a pandemic

During the COVID 19 pandemic, our ONDEWO AI Agent can answer hundreds of patient questions.

It asks specific questions to determine what the best advice is to give the caller. The process is the same as with a human advisor, as it starts with asking for the last contact with a suspected or positively tested corona infected person. The AI follows up with questions about the health of the patient himself. In the end, it has all the information to give the best advice for the healthcare measures the patient should take.

Always up to date

During a conversation with the patient, the AI can understand what gets said and transcribe it into a text. All the information gets documented, and the relevant parts get used for filling in a prescription, patient documents, and other things.

Your employee can fully concentrate on patient care while the AI does the documentation with accuracy and up to date standards. The patient records will always be up to date, simplifying the daily routine of the employees and enabling them to provide the best care possible.

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