ONDEWO Call Center AI (CCAI) Platform

Powering call centers with cutting-edge artificial intelligence has become a must-have in the industry. With all-in-one ONDEWO Call Center AI solution you enrich your existing telephone system (e.g., Asterisk, Genesys, Siemens, Yuutel, etc.) with advanced AI-powered support services for your agents and hundreds of ONDEWO AI agents for autonomous inbound and outbound call handling and processing.

  • All-in-one AI solution for call centers for your existing telephone system
  • AI-powered support services for call agents to make their job easier and more enjoyable  
  • AI agents processing hundreds of inbound and outbound calls for you
  • Agent and AI symbiosis – calls incl. extracted information processed by AI and forwarded to agents in charge

What you gain

With our Call Center AI, the interaction between your company and your customers is seemingly effortless. The AI will support your customers and your employees, increasing the satisfaction of both parties.

Increased customer experience

Your calls are adequately handled by our friendly, knowledgeable AI agent 24/7. It understands the customer’s request and reacts with the most satisfying option. When in doubt our AI agent hands over to a human agent incl. all extracted information from the call.

Efficient inbound & outbound call processing

Your agents can focus on solving complex requests and customer satisfaction rather than doing time-consuming admin tasks or answering the same standard question over and over again. Happy agent, happy customer! 

Meet your KPIs again

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are an integral part of call center operations and most often monetarily penalized if not met. With our AI solution, there is always an AI agent available, agents are fast in processing requests with AI support, follow-up calls done automatically and many more.

Important Features

What makes it special

All-in-one solution for call center agent support and AI automated calls

With our different AI platforms, you easily create your own AI for your specific use case or use one of our off-the-shelf and ready-to-use industry solutions. The company themselves can personalize the AI Agent as the tasks become more complex, which it handles.

Multiple languages supported

ONDEWO specializes in ensuring that the AI agent can understand various languages, and also dialects and non-native speakers. Need a new language or specific dialect, we don’t have yet – no problem, we teach our AI within 3-4 weeks.

Cutting-edge deep learning and machine learning algorithms from research

Our natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning algorithms are directly from our research, joint research with our collaborators or from papers of the best researchers in the world. We usually need 3-4 weeks to bring new algorithms, methods, best-practices and pre-trained models into our product and in production for our customers. This incredible speed of innovation catapults our customers at the forefront of natural language understanding.

Unique human-like voices

The speech gets synthesized with the newest neural approaches. The result is that the voice is non-robotic, making it more comfortable for humans to interact with it. A new voice can get created based on 5-8 hours of audio recordings, so approximately 3 days of an audio recording of your preferred voice in the ONDEWO audio studio at our office. The dataset gets used for training the AI-Agent, to synthesis a humanlike speech and pronunciation.

Smooth integration in your existing 20+ years old or brand new telephone system

Our platform is used for automating voice-based telephone calls based on existing VOIP telephone software solution providers such as Asterisk, Genesys, Siemens, Yuutel or other VOIP software solutions. Even ISDN telephone systems can be equipped with VOIP gateway cards to allow easy and smooth upgrade to an AI-powered call center.

Quick and easy integration into products and services

All platform capabilities are easy to integrate into your products and services via ondewo-client libraries for various programming languages (e.g. Python, Nodejs, Angular, JavaScript etc.) and gRPC Remote Procedure Calls (“GRRPC”).

On-premise or cloud hosting

All features are available on both versions. The on-premise solution easily installs on all operating systems with standard Docker deployment environment on your own IT Infrastructure. Furthermore, it allows for a higher degree of data protection and control. With the cloud option, there is no maintenance needed as it gets provided by ONDEWO. The cloud option is billed on a usage basis. 

Use Cases

The 4 key use cases of AI-powered call centers

ONDEWO Call Center AI is an E2E solution for AI call center agent support and phone call automation with AI agents  

1. AI assists your employees in real-time with tasks

Semi-automated inbound calls with ONDEWO AI-Agents to assist human agents with personal assistance and guidance in real-time incl.

  • Offering customer information, advise on workflows, turn-by-turn instructions and filling out forms,
  • Reducing training costs while upskilling employees, and
  • Improving operational efficiency and service experience for customers

2. AI answers call, gets data & transfers calls to humans

ONDEWO AI-Agent picks up the call to identify the customer’s needs and records their data before seamlessly transferring them to a human agent incl. 

  • Semi-automated inbound calls to support human agents,
  • Eliminates long wait times for customers, and
  • Reduces the call handling time by providing human agent with all required data upfront.

3. AI answers calls and converses autonomously

ONDEWO AI-Agent independently operates inbound calls for simple, repetitive customer inquiries and processes incl.

  • Fully automate first-level support and customer care,
  • Engaging natural conversations with customers on the phone, and
  • Easily meeting Service Level Agreements (SLA) such as max. waiting time, response time, call handling time etc.

4. AI calls customers independently

Fully automated outbound calls with ONDEWO AI-Agents to connect with better-qualified leads or to conduct surveys more efficiently incl.

  • Full automation for standardized phone tasks such as clarifying open issues, scheduling, questionnaires etc.,
  • Hundreds of simultaneously calls possible, and
  • Real time tracking of phone conversations and responses.

All-in-one AI solution for your call center

ONDEWO Call Center AI is an E2E solution for AI phone call automation and AI agent support deployable on-premise and on any cloud platform. It includes all ONDEWO AI platforms for supporting your agents before, during and after calls as well as allowing you to process hundreds of inbound and outbound calls in parallel. Our AI solution consists of scalable microservices that can be highly customized for your use case in your industry. We also offer several ready-to-use industry solutions.


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