Let’s talk human

Today we are already working on a future where humankind gets freed from tasks where humans aren’t necessarily needed. We are creating the foundation for this by developing artificial intelligence that can naturally communicate with people.

  • Automation of simple, repetitive tasks
  • Humans and machines interact naturally
  • High potential for a great collaboration with machines
Our vision

How we vision the future

Our vision is to build the operating system for the human    machine communication of the future.

Or in other words: We want to revolutionize the way humans and machines communicate to enable natural conversations and to simplify the life of every human being on earth.

Our mission

What’s our commitment for this future

To start the conversation between humans and machines, we decided to focus on an area where our AI can create significant added value.

So we developed ONDEWO Call Center AI to help businesses improve the quality of customer service through automation of inbound and outbound calls. Customized AI Agents talk, listen, learn, and understand your customers 24/7. They converse like a human with your customers, resolving simple problems directly, and assisting your human agents in real-time.

Leading to three crucial advantages for truly any business:

Increased customer experience and satisfaction

Maximized operational efficiency and reduced costs

Reduced churn because of more satisfied employees

Our values

What we value at ONDEWO

At ONDEWO, we love what we do. We push technology passionately further to get ahead in our mission. We aim to learn and grow together professionally and personally. Each day we are getting a tiny step closer to a future where humans and machines interact naturally.


  • See beyond and think big
  • Invent and improve
  • Be bold


  • Improve our world through AI
  • Push technology forward
  • Motivate and have fun

Impact Driven

  •  Build working solutions
  • Deliver results in time & budget
  • Solve clients challenges

Learn & Grow

  • Strive for excellence
  • Be open, honest & respectful
  • Hire and develop the best

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