ONDEWO for IT Support & Helpdesk

Our ONDEWO AI Agent helps to improve customer service in the IT-branch by reducing repetitive tasks and providing a smart helper for customers and employees that is available around the clock.

  • Create Tickets
  • Close Tickets
  • Help employees

What we offer for IT support and helpdesks

Our AI can solve many different problems for your IT Support & Helpdesk employees and customers by being the contact person they can always rely on for answers and supports.

Helping report problems

During a regular day, numerous people call to request help to resolve a problem they encounter with their technology. It picks up the incoming call coming from a customer.

The AI Agent will ask for their name, contact details, and a description of the issue they are facing. Based on the given information, it creates a ticket that gets forwarded to the person best equipped to resolve the issue. With this process, the work of the employees gets more efficient as they manage the cases for which they are qualified.

Checking if Problems are solved

Our ONDEWO AI Agent calls independently all the tickets that are still open after a while.

It greets the customer and identifies if it talks to the right person by referring to the reported issue and asking for distinguishing information that was already given while creating the ticket. That gets followed up with an enquire about the status of the received support and how satisfied the client is with it. At the end of the conversation, the AI Agent closes the ticket of satisfied customers.


Supports employees in complex tasks

During a complicated customer support situation, our ONDEWO AI Agent can advise the human agent.

It attends to the ongoing conversation; if a link is needed to reset a password, the AI forwards it to the agent. That helps the agent to resolve the issue presented to him. The human agent can provide the best customer experience even if he does not have much experience with specific cases. The AI helps the agents to provide the best service possible.

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