ONDEWO for Energy

Our AI Agent helps your energy company to automate and manage your various customer interactions, from problem-solving and answering frequently asked questions to guide you through processes.

  • Reading electricity meter
  • Customer support
  • Customer registration

What we offer the energy industry

Even during stressful times, our AI Agent is a reliable contact of your energy company that answers the requests of the customers and employees at any given point in time.

Smoothly read the electricity meter

Instead of clients requesting a technician to have the reading of the electricity meter done, they can do it themselves. Our AI will guide the client through the process.

The first step is to identify the meter type, enabling the AI Agent to instruct the customer on how to read the electricity meter correctly. The AI will report the reading, relieving the technician of this task and the customer from filling in the necessary forms. That increases the efficiency and customer experience significantly.

Answers all the questions during blackouts

During a power outage, many people call to report this and to get information on the situation. These calls will get handled by the ONDEWO AI Agent that answers all your customer questions calmly.

It will listen to the complaint of the client and provide requested information on what to do, and if possible, give an estimate when the power might be back on. The AI provides a calm and understanding demeanor during a time where most of the callers are irritated, presenting the perfect conversational partner to defuse the situation.

Appointment agreement for the first electricity connection

Customers can call to arrange a contract for their new place of residence. This registration process will get handled by the ONDEWO AI Agent on the phone.

It fills in the form with all the necessary information which it requests during the call. The AI will remember the provided information, which makes the communication feel natural. In the end, the registration form gets sent to the customer and the sales department to get finalized.

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