Increase customer experience and satisfaction

In recent years customer experience has become more and more important, even overtaking price and product as the key brand differentiator. That is where our sophisticated AI comes into play: ONDEWO Call Center AI is specifically designed to suit your customer’s needs and expectations. Our customized AI Agents operate tirelessly 24/7 without ever missing a beep.

  • Support your customers 24/7
  • Customers feel recognized and valued
  • AI Agent converses naturally with customers
Always Available

Support your customers 24/7

A win-win situation: Automating your call center benefits you and your customers. They can reach you 365 days a year whenever they need your support.

Why ONDEWO Call Center AI will increase your customer satisfaction:

Adding AI Agents to your customer service leads to shorter waiting times and around the clock availability.
AI Agents stay calm and professional, always eliminating the worries of escalating situations and unsatisfied customers.
Once your customers realize that they can reach you 24/7 you gain their trust and loyalty.
Fast and reliable customer service improves your company’s image, giving you the edge over your competitors.
Listen & Understand

Customers feel recognized and valued

In call centers, it is essential to understand the needs of your customers. That is why our AI Agents are customized and specifically trained for your company.

How our Call Center AI makes your customers feel recognized and valued:

  • Responding quickly yet naturally is one of our AI’s strong suits, combining accurate responses with high efficiency.
  • AI Agents fluently adapt to various languages and comprehend even the most exotic dialects.
  • Individually designed to best suit your company’s needs, our AI Agents have their own personas we can even create a unique, human-like voice.
  • By removing the time factor our AI Agents focus on each and every client, improving their experience and making them feel both valued and understood.
  • ONDEWO Call Center AI combines natural language understanding (NLU) and speech capabilities improving customer satisfaction as well as operational efficiency.
Natural Conversation

AI Agent converses naturally with customers

Enabling natural conversations in AI-powered call centers is the key to a great customer experience. Our AI understands complex topics and improves over time, allowing it to handle even more tasks on its own.

Five reasons why our Call Center AI will increase your customer experience:


Talking to our AI feels more like talking to a human being than to a machine.


Our AI Agents both sound and react just like their human counterparts.


Our AI realizes phone conversations without waiting for lines or reduced quality.


By both sounding and reacting just like their human counterparts our AI Agents have a higher acceptance than other voice bots.


Although it is perfectly capable of satisfying all of your customer’s needs on its own, it can also be a valuable addition to a traditional call center adding seamless transfers between human and AI Agents.
Your Gain

Discover the potential of AI for your business

In the future companies no longer have to choose between good customer support and efficiency. ONDEWO Call Center AI enables you to increase your efficiency and overall profitability while improving the quality of your service.

Our solutions for an AI-powered call center hold the opportunity to transform a frustrating phone tree into a natural conversation where your customers can express their needs naturally. That is how we will help you increase your customer experience, achieve high Net Promoter Scores, and meet your business objectives.


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