ONDEWO for Public Sector & Government

ONDEWO for the Public Sector & Government

Nothing is as important as being available for people in the public sector and government. Our ONDEWO AI Agent is around the clock there whenever people want a request solved.

  • Helping people in need
  • Applying for help in emergencies
  • Answer questions in times of a crisis

What we offer the public sector & government

Our AI is there for the public whenever they need the help of the officials. It can answer frequently asked question in times of need and can resolve requests that people bring forward at any point in time.

Answering emergency calls

Our AI can handle in an emergency call center numerous calls a day, providing the quick support the people are needing.

With a calm voice, the AI is enquiring all the necessary information from the person in need to send them the help they require. During the interaction, the AI will listen to the caller and react in a calm and caring demeanor. It relieves some of the stress the person is experiencing at the moment. During significant moments our AI will provide the help, which the person needs.

Advance alimony payments

An emergency telephone number is set up with 24/4 AI availability so that mothers can immediately apply for and receive advance alimony payments by telephone.

With just a few short questions, the ONDEWO AI Agent has all the information it needs to verify the person and to fill out the forms necessary to receive the advance alimony payments. The AI helps the mother right away in these difficult times. Neither the single parent nor the employees have to fill out the application forms, which saves time.

Helping during COVID19

The Corona hotlines are overwhelmed with calls. Our ONDEWO AI Agent will handle several of them at the same time independently, reliving the employees and shortening the waiting time.

The calls get prioritized in advance in terms of content, e.g., suspicious cases are ranked higher, and pure information calls get deprioritized. At the same time, frequent questions get automatically answered on the phone. Confirmed cases get automatically called back for telephone data collection and monitoring of the course of the disease.

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